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Cultural practices and transitions in education

This is an important collection of texts taking a critical perspective on the politics and practices of education. Authors from different disciplines, countries and cultures focus on equality and social justice. From starting points in cultural and feminist studies they analyse how differences and marginalities are constructed in different educational contexts.

The themes of the book – methodology, citizenship, transitions, girlhood and equality – are explored and illustrated using empirical examples from Nordic countries, the UK and USA. These chapters are inspired by the work of Tuula Gordon and Elina Lahelma who have for many years pursued and promoted critical ethnography and research into issues of gender, equality and transitions, and to whom the volume is dedicated. 

The book will be of interest and value for students, teachers, researchers and others interested in questions of equality and social justice in education.

The Tufnell Press, London & Finnish Youth Research Society/Youth Research Network, Helsinki

Tarja Tolonen, Tarja Palmu, Sirpa Lappalainen and Tuuli Kurki (Eds.)
22 €
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254 p.