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Youth Barometer Summary 2014

Youth Barometer is an annual telephone survey focusing on young people aged 15 to 29 living in Finland. The survey has been conducted since 1994. The theme of the 2014 Youth Barometer is equality and discrimination. The majority of the young people report that they have experienced discrimination in some period of their lives. The survey examines the forms of discrimination as well as the places, the causes and the consequences. For the first time, the survey also includes young people whose native language is not Finnish or Swedish.

The publication is available free of charge: Youth Barometer Summary 2014.

Sami Myllyniemi (ed.)
Publication year:
Publication number:
Finnish Youth Research Society Publications 173, Internet publications 92.
ISSN 1799-9219 (print.), 1799-9227 (PDF)
978-952-5994-95-7 (print), 978-952-5994-96-4 (PDF)