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ENRYP – European Network of Regional and local Youth Platforms

The Finnish Youth Research Society was involved in an Erasmus+ co-funded project promoting youth participation in Europe.  The main objectives of the project were the exchange of best practices related to the youth field, namely youth participation, active citizenship, EU awareness and social innovation in various EU countries and to establish a European network of Regional and/or Local Youth Platforms (i.e., youth forums, councils, parliaments or other similar youth structures) in legal terms with an appropriate governance structure. The main role of the youth researchers involved was to support the process of formulating a set of minimum standards for the establishment and functioning of regional and local youth platforms and to meet these standards.

Leading partner: Forum Regionale dei Giovani dell’Umbria (Italy). The project also included partners from the United Kingdom, Portugal, Hungary and Romania. 

The project also got an Lifelong Learning Award (LLLP) in the category of Learning Democracy commissioned by Lifelong Learning platform.

Researchers: Anu Gretschel and Tomi Kiilakoski.

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