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Hip Hop Youth in Finland: Ethnicity, Identities and Conviviality

The project explores the identities and ethnicities of young fans and how hip hop culture and rap music provide them with social connections, togetherness and cohesion in a predominantly white but increasingly diverse Finnish society. Rap music is known to be relevant to many young people, but the fan perspective has thus far been studied very little, especially in Finland. The study focuses on white and minority (black, brown, Sámi and Roma) youth. The research will be conducted in different digital and physical locations (Helsinki, Jyväskylä and Inari).

The data consist of a survey, interviews and ethnographic fieldwork.

The research will provide new insights into the meaning of popular global youth culture from the perspective of living together and its links to different identities and ethnicities.

The research will contribute to equality and a more inclusive society for both old and new ethnic minorities.

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