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Youth Barometer

The annual Youth Barometer measures the values and attitudes of young people in Finland. The first Youth Barometer was published in 1994. With the same questions asked year after year and a time span of 30 years, the Youth Barometer allows monitoring changes and identify real trends over time.

The themes of the Barometer, which change from year to year, aim to address current issues affecting young people and youth. Some of the key themes and questions are permanent. In addition to the permanent core themes of work and education, the topics that have been monitored for a long time include social participation, housing, the future and social life, and satisfaction with life and its various aspects.


The Youth Barometer has been published since 2004 in cooperation between the State Youth Council and the Youth Research Association. The previous barometers were produced by the State Youth Council (formerly the Youth Advisory Board, Nuora) alone.

Published Youth Barometers

All published Youth Barometers are available online on the website of the National Youth Council.

Printed copies can be purchased from our partners Bookstore Tiedekirja, Rosebud Books and other well-stocked bookshops.