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Finnish Youth Research Anthology 1999–2014

This book is a compilation of peer-reviewed articles in English by youth researchers connected to the Finnish Youth Research Network (FYRN) that have been published during 1999–2014. The book showcases the achievements of the vibrant youth research community in Finland. The anthology brings to fore a selection of the type of research conducted by FYRN that is published internationally. One of the historically distinctive features of Finnish youth research lies in its connection with youth and public policy. A context like this produced the need for the research to contribute to the academic debate whilst also informing public policy. The book provides an overview of the Finnish youth research system and its fields. It contains an abundance of interesting articles from which to choose. The topics range from life cycle, social worlds and generation; scripts, discourses and narratives on youth; institutions and practices; media and consumption; ethnicity and multiculturalism, and youth work to research approaches and concepts.

Tommi Hoikkala & Meri Karjalainen (eds.)
34 €
Publication year:
Publication number:
Finnish Youth Research Society Publications 172.
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635 p.

Tommi Hoikkala

Adjunct Professor (University of Helsinki, Aalto University), Doctor H.C. (University of Uppsala)
Research Professor emeritus
+358 40 542 5446

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