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Tommi Hoikkala

Research Professor emeritus
+358 40 542 5446

Tommi Hoikkala, Research Professor (FYRN), Adjunct Professor (University of Helsinki; Aalto Univeristy) Doctor H.C. (University of Uppsala) , is an outstanding scholar in the field of youth research in Finland and Europe (see e.g.; Hoikkala – Suurpää 2005; Salasuo – Hoikkala 2012; Hoikkala – Karjalainen 2016). The multidisciplinary themes of life-course, well-being, gender, generations (i.a. the NEETs) social relations and practice based research have been central in his research (Hoikkala – Purhonen – Roos 2002; Salasuo -–Hoikkala 2015; Hoikkala – Paju 2016). He has conducted several ethnographic research projects within social institutions such as the military and comprehensive school (Hoikkala – Salasuo – Ojajärvi 2009; Hoikkala – Paju 2013). He has extensive international networks. He was one of the founders of Young Nordic Journal of Youth Research (published by Sage). He has previously been the director of many projects funded by the Academy of Finland and has published widely.


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