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Youth and changing rural regions in the Nordic countries. An overview of history and research priorities

This review summarises previous research and historical knowledge on rural youth in four Nordic countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. The temporal span of the review extends from the early 20th century to the 2020s.

During this period, rural areas in all examined countries have undergone significant transformations: the decline in the importance of primary production has led to various challenges such as depopulation and the scarcity of services. This review explores how the transformation of rural areas has affected the lives of young people and examines the perspectives and themes through which the youth in rural areas have been previously approached in Nordic research. It is not a systematic literature review; instead, the research approach is more reflective and hermeneutic.

The review is part of The Future of Nordic Youth in Rural Regions: A Cross-national Qualitative Longitudinal Study in four Nordic Countries (2022–2025) research project, which aims to generate knowledge on the lives, experiences, and perceptions of young people living in various sparsely populated and rural areas.

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Research review sheds light on the lives of rural youth, 21.2.2024.

Lauri Julkunen
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