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Children and Youth Leisure Survey

The Children and Youth Leisure Survey looks at the leisure time of 7-29 year olds, focusing on media, leisure and physical activity. It follows on from a series of publications previously called the Youth Leisure Survey, the first of which was published in 2009. The name of the survey was changed in 2016 to the Children and Young People’s Leisure Survey following the lowering of the minimum age limit. Surveys are now published regularly, every two years.

All leisure surveys are published as free online versions on the website of the State Youth Council. They are also published in printed form.

The Leisure Time Surveys are produced in Finnish, but summaries and infographics are produced in English and Swedish.


The Children and Youth Leisure Survey is published by the Finnish Youth Research Society, the State Youth Council and the National Sports Council.

Antti Kivijärvi

Doctor of Social Sciences
Senior Researcher
040 062 4689

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