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Antti Kivijärvi

Senior Researcher
040 062 4689

In addition to The Finnish Youth Research Society, I have worked as a researcher in the universities of Helsinki and Eestern Finland. My previous research interests have been related to ethnicity, migration, gender, youth peer relations, leisure, marginalisation and youth services. Currently, I am involved with three studies. DECA-project (2022-2025) is related to Russian and Ukrainian identities in Finland and their knowledge formation after the escalated war. Youth Violence project (2023-2026) is a multi-method study in which the delinquency of young people is examined in a context of leisure opportunities, neighborhoods and group-relations. A Study of Children’s and Young People’s Leisure Activities is a national suvey conducted in every second year. The themes of the next survey are youth cultures, media and summer.


Selected publications in English

Kivijärvi, Antti & Myllylä, Martta (2022) Layered Confinement in Reception Centers – A Study of Asylum Seekers’ Experiences in Finland. Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies. Published online 11 October 2022.

Välimäki, Vesa & Kivijärvi, Antti & Aaltonen, Sanna (2020) The links between structural and social marginalization – social relations of young Finnish adults not in employment or education. Journal of Youth Studies, 23 (10), 1347-1365.

Kivijärvi, Antti & Aaltonen, Sanna & Forma, Leena & Myllylä, Martta & Rissanen, Pekka (2020) Quality of Life Among Finnish Young Adults Not in Employment or Education. Applied Research in Quality of Life 15, 757-774.

Aaltonen, Sanna & Kivijärvi, Antti (2019) Disrupting professionals with a research-driven intervention. Researcher-gatekeeper negotiations in the context of targeted youth services. Qualitative Social Work, 18 (4), 621–637.

Kivijärvi, Antti & Aaltonen, Sanna & Välimäki, Vesa (2019) Feasibility of an online discussion group as a component of targeted youth work in Finland. Children and Youth Services Review. Published online 4 July 2019.

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Kivijärvi, Antti (2016) Staging to Peers and Evading from Educators. Youth and the Appeal of Hangout Spaces in Finland. In Tommi Hoikkala & Meri Karjalainen (eds.) Finnish Youth Research Anthology 1999–2014. Helsinki: Nuorisotutkimusverkosto, 92–105.

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Kiilakoski, Tomi & Kivijärvi, Antti (2014) Youth clubs as spaces of non-formal learning: professional idealism meets the spatiality experienced by young people in Finland. Studies in Continuing Education. (Published online 17.10.2014.)

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Kivijärvi, Antti (2010) Local Youth work as Subpolitics of Multiculturalism: Professional Educators Constructing New Rationales in Eastern Finland? Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism 10 (2), 204–220.