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Studying the impact of international youth work. Towards developing an evaluation tool for youth centres

Studying the Impact of International Youth Work – Towards developing an evaluation tool for youth centres focuses on the international youth work of youth centres in three European countries. By studying the impact of international youth work, this publication offers a comprehensive evaluation tool that can improve how youth centres engage in international activity.

The origin of the publication lies in youth centres and their national associations in Finland, Estonia and Slovenia, and in the jointly implemented Erasmus+ funded research project: Boost Your Possibilities! – Youth Centres for Youth Mobility and Intercultural Learning: Impact of Internationality (2015– 2017).

The aim of the project was to investigate the competence gained by young people via international youth work enabled by the youth centres. An important aspect of the project involved participatory ways of working collaboratively with young people in order to obtain detailed information on the issues they consider important. In addition to participatory methods involving young people, members of the youth centres’ personnel were interviewed to discover what they think constitutes successful international youth work.

Anu Gretschel, Tina Cupar, Merle Linno, Tomi Kiilakoski, Noora Hästbacka ja Antti Korhonen
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Finnish Youth Research Society Internet Publications 113
978-952-67766-4-4 (nid.), 978-952-67766-5-1 (PDF), 978-952-67766-6-8 (EPUB)