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Young parents, parental leave and gender equality (YOPA)

The project produced a Nordic overview of on the socio-economic patterns and cultural aspects of parental leave take-up by young parents under 30 years of age, as well as the consequences of these patterns for gender equality in the labour market and in family life. We will indicate risks of marginalisation of young mothers and fathers, and map how parental leave policies in the various countries are addressing the situation.

FYRN is responsible for conducting a literature review of young parents’ take-up of parental leave as well as young peoples’ perceptions of work and family life and the gendered aspects of these.

The project will provide a more nuanced, age-specific understanding of the possibilities and obstacles of gender equality among young parents in the Nordic countries. The similarities and differences in different countries provide valuable input and inspiration for future policies and good practice in promoting a more equal sharing of leave also among young parents, reducing the obstacles of childbearing and improving the wellbeing of young mothers, fathers and their children.

The project is conducted in cooperation with:

  • Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (FI)
  • Stockholm University (SE)
  • University of Iceland (IS)
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NO)
  • Roskilde University (DK)

More information: Project’s website


The project is funded by NIKK (Nordisk Information för kunskap om kön).

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